Angoel (angoel) wrote,

There's a meme knocking around in which you should list ten things you've done that noone else has. I suspect that my list will tend towards the horribly specific or start becoming purely about minitue of random interests at around item 4 or so, but it seems amusing to give it a go.

1. Run a daily webcomic for a year
2. Slept outdoors in the Alps without the benefit of a tent, sleeping bag or survival bag
3. Become world champion at Zertz
4. Designed four publishable board games
5. Conducted a symphony orchestra (actually, I seem to remember that Emp has. Oh well - let's redo that one)
5. Learned how to paraglide
6. Been blessed by a Lithuanian nun
7. Written a tetris implementation in under 640 bytes
8. Taken a day trip to Edinburgh primarily to enjoy the train journey
9. Gone running with a GB athlete
10. Done the London to Brighton cycle ride, then cycled back home to London
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