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Well, that was a pleasant weekend.

On Thursday, having travelled over to my parents, my parents whisked me off to Cambridge in their shiny new car. Or rather, attempted to - a whiny rattle from the rear offside wheel started up, necessitating a visit to the garage who had sold the car, who fixed it. We then arrived in Cambridge, still on time, but with my mother's nerves a little frazzled. Having stood around a bit outside, and having been subjected to a lot of photo-taking, my sister got successfully graduated (the first time I've spectated on the ceremony - it's a lot longer when you're not taking part and early in the alphabet). We then retreated to strawberries and cream, before my sister enlisted me to solve the packing problem that was getting all her stuff into the car. Thanks to my efficient packing (if I say so myself), I managed to arrange things such that all the stuff actually fit, and my dad and sister didn't have to carry any extra stuff, even if they did have to go home in the train separately.

Following that, I wandered off to the Carlton, where I spent a pleasant hour or so relaxing, and occasionally wondering whether I'd got the right pub (or rather the right half of the pub) for meeting other people, but not quite having the energy to be bothered to check. As it turned out, I did have the right half, as was proved by a succession of friendly faces turning up a wee bit later. I do wish that I'd talked more to Atreic, especially as she'd gone out of her way to turn up, but I suppose that's the way that these things go sometimes. It was nice to catch up with Mark, however, because recent Cambridge excursions seem to have evaded events that he's been at.

Friday was a day of relaxation (because most people were working). I idled through reading ActEd notes, playing a game of Go in CB1 and randomly reading books. In the evening, I visited Relativity, with a relatively successful game of Underground (although I think that I may want to deemphisise the terminuses and the interchange stations), an amusing customised game of the Big Idea, which I won, and a game of the King is Dead, in which I got the minimum score possible, proving that it needs a lot more work. Many thanks to pjc50, Senji, ian and ceb for playtesting.

Saturday, I invaded MHF, and we spent the day doing vital stuff such as plotting Jomsgoodies pilots, discussing three player Zertz, playing Agatha (which MHF didn't notice was rummy), and stuff. Plenty of stuff ;). In the evening, I briefly contemplated invading a party, but desisted because I wasn't sure whether I was invited or not, and besides, I was enjoying myself as I was.

[Quick rant. Cambridge parties are irritating in that I'm never sure if I haven't been invited because I'm not in Cambridge (or at least, not sufficiently to get invited, as it were) or because I'm not wanted, and I usually only hear about them a couple of weeks in advance, at which point it's invariably too late to organise anything. Bah.]

On Sunday, I went up north to ... hmm. Whatever that bit up north is. Next to the science park, anyway, whence I had a pleasant lunch with MA and Nat, and then got roped into doing gardening. This was actually quite amusing, because I wasn't expected to do weeding (which is the big minus side in gardening in my opinion), and got set loose with an edger. I edged great swathes of lawn, and all the tiles will look magnificent for the next fortnight, until the grass takes over again. Monday, I set off early to London for a 404 tutorial, which I had. And now I'm back. And ready for a break...
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