Angoel (angoel) wrote,


Cambridge was nice despite it's sogginess, containing as it did lots of nice people. Friday was the Ms for random games testing, all of which seem to be heading in the right sort of direction, including the murder mystery one which I really didn't think would work (and I'm still not convinced by ;). Saturday was the Foreyule Feast, which was scrumptions, and held in the acreous Rivendell which I am most impressed by, even if I didn't see the fire in action. A very pleasent time was had by ... well, me, since I don't presume to speak for all. Even if I don't recognise myself in the reputation people claim that I've gained. Sunday I met up with people for lunch, my sister for a chat, and M&N for dinner. Monday, I met my sister again, and went back home via London for a tutorial. And now I'm back, and feeling sufficiently unstressed and mellow that I'm ignoring all the things that I usually would be feeling that I had to do, and updating LJ instead. After all, I can tidy up tomorrow.
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