Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Another day, another dollar. Or rather, another day at work, doing various stuff (including finishing the mailings for I, and project Z getting close to completion), another day closer to paycheck time.

I do wonder why people worry about when their paycheck arrives. I've never really noticed it, to be honest - every now and then I look at my bank balance and find it's gone up a bit. I suppose it's because I never spend very much regularly - my purchases tend to be spending loadsamoney at once (right - I really need some more clothes ... now) rather than the drip feed of one more clothing item (or DVD or whatever) that other people have. And that leaves me with my bank balance floating happily at a positive level (I hope - I havent' checked it recently ;). But still, strange thing, that.

After work's been irritating, though. I've been floating around with nothing to do all evening. I ended up reading a book from the computer screen; an enjoyable book, but it's done my eyes in somewhat. And now I'm still sitting here, unable to get to sleep, waiting for sufficient exhaution to take me to the land of nod.

Wherever that is.
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