Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Why do I only post to this thing when I'm getting stressed about one thing or another? A good question, and I'm sure one that most of you have failed to ask, for lack of expecting me to post to this LiveJournal at all. I suspect that the answer is that it takes a certain amount of stress for me to get over the 'this post is going to bore the pants of the world' hurdle that I always end up mentally constructing before I actually post anything. Good, good. That's the obligitory 'sorry for not posting more often' bit out of the way.

As you might have gathered from the above, with careful reading between the lines (or more likely, careful reading of the lines), I am feeling a mite on the nervous side, and those that have tracked the stars carefully, as they have whirled around the solar system will realise that the time of year has come once more, for me to sit abount and procrastinate about exams, and their revision therefore.

This year, the revision process has been characterised, not by me revising, but by lying on my bed and making up board games. This is getting rather irritating. I'm finding it hard enough to get the games that I've already got ideas for sufficiently developped to inflict on the outside world, and then finding people willing to be inflicted by them.

Let's be fair; it's the latter that's the main problem - most of my designs are sitting waiting for variants to be tested. It hard finding people that don't mind playing games where the rules are ... subject to change, and will suggest improvements. Especially people who live near me. *sigh*. Why isn't there some sort of games club in Windsor. Not just for playing games I've designed. Just playing stuff.

Blast it. You see - there I go again. Once more I start on revision, and my attention drifts to what has increasingly become my passion. Typical. This load of exams is going to be so useless it's unbelievable.
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