Angoel (angoel) wrote,

On Saturday, I spent most of the morning packing stuff into boxes, most of the afternoon with my parents transporting said boxes to my new house, and most of the evening lying on the floor wishing for all the junk that I own to magically sort itself into sensible places, and wondering just where the stuff that I did need had been placed.

Sunday was more of the same, interspersed with a trip to Homebase to buy some MDF for shelving, and an age long walk along the verge of the Slough to Windsor moterway with the heavier-than-expected MDF carefully balanced on my bike. I began to get the feeling that I might actually manage to put everything away.

Monday was work once more, walking a new way in. Too much stuff to do, c'est la vie. Came home, kept on tidying.

Which brings me to today. This morning, I faced a kindly harridan, who preceeded to berate me for my uncleanlyness in the house I was moving out of, and whom I suspect is going to give me a tonking great bill for the extra cleaning type stuff that needs to be done. Then I met my landlady, who is very nice. She got my tap fixed, and told me of a whole load of jobs she wanted to get done. Most of them, I had no problems with how things were at the moment, but it's still nice to have a proactive landlady. Later, a BT man came round and gave me telephone and net connectivity back again. Which was nice.

On the whole, things are going pretty nicely. I like my new house. It's bright, and airy, and calm, has a bigger kitchen, and a quiet bedroom, and although I'm sure that I'll find loads of problems later, there aren't any at the moment. Not bad.
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