Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Week of Work

I've spent a not-entirely-unpleasent few days learning how to use a rather clunky piece of software. The learning bits were deadly boring, but the surrounding hotel and meals and stuff was most enjoyable. On the other hand, I've come back to learn that I've failed both my 109 and 201 exams (although I passed 106), which is really somewhat irritating, even if does have the good effect that my workmates might stop telling me that I will pass, ignoring my efforts to tell them that no, I'm pretty sure I've failed.

Two weeks to go, and we'll see whether I pass 301, and how badly I've failed these two, which will decide what I end up doing next.

Damn it, though. I don't care about the 109 (which I knew I'd failed anyway). But it would have been nice to get 201 out of the way.
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