Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Weekly Recap

So, a recap of this week is probably in order. Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday were all stressful work type days. As were Thursday and Friday, come to think of it. So I won't dwell on those too much. Instead, I'll look at what happenened outside of work hours. Which on Monday and Tuesday, consisted primarily of moping about getting not a lot done, and feeling pretty down.

Wednesday was Swiggers, as per usual. In a break from playing proper games, I persuaded people to playtest D. This was much more successful than I could have hoped, and I was given several good ideas for improvements, which I'm incorporating. Thursday was a practice cycle ride for the London to Brigton ride that I'm foolishly doing in about a months time now. This consisted of a rather strangely shaped circle of thirty miles that we completed in about two hours, which isn't bad, on the whole. In the evening I attempted to upgrade my computer to running XP, and succeeded in being unable to boot anything. The battle continued late into the night, and was suspended with the computer having a considerably upper hand. Friday evening, after a bios update, I got everything working again. Saturday, I spent installing stuff onto the computer. Fun, oh fun.

Sunday was a day of rest, as it were - I headed across into South London to play games. I did surprisingly well, winning all but two, both of which I came second it. I can tell that I'm going to get completely thrashed next time I play anything. The train broke down on the way home, though, missing me the connection to the last train, so I scooted home to the parents, stayed overnight, and stole their car on Monday, to go the It's a Knockout thing - basically races over bouncy castle type things, all most fun, even if we came completly last. And in the evening, I watched Matrix Reloaded and came out wishing that all the philosophy had been replaced by some plot, in which case it might actually be a reasonable film, instead of just being blah. And gets you up to date.
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