Angoel (angoel) wrote,

That was the week that was

And what a week it was. Monday started off as being pretty full of stress. This decreased somewhat over the course of the day, leaving just enough space to be roundly filled with a bit of stress. Tuesday, on the other hand started with two strands of stress, that merged to form a sort of rope of stress. To add to the joy, the practice cycle ride was cancelled due to lack of air in the sky, as all availible space had been filled by raindrops. Wednesday started off relatively stressful, as I had to get a lot of things done before the brief lunchtime meeting. The brief lunchtime meeting took four hours to complete, resulting in stress fitting the stuff in afterwards. I then missed the train going up to Swiggers, and missed the train coming back again (although I fortunately managed to catch the last train). Thursday had quite a bit of stress, although fortunately I did have the valuation area, so at least I had two computers to spread the stress over. Football after work revealed how little intrinsic fitness I had left after two weeks of having not footballed. Friday was, strangely, still stressful.

I am so glad that week's over. However, this weekend is tempered by the knowledge that next week, I'm going to have to go back again, and do it all anew.

This evening, I've been mostly staring at the computer, hoping that tuits will start jumping out from the screen at me, or that I'll find something interesting. Thank goodness I had a phone call from my sister to help restore something of my sanity.
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