Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Musings on the Hugo nominations

Neptune's Brood - I would preferred to have had a more proactive protagonist and am not quite convinced by the economics of slow currency, but nonetheless found this novel of forensic accounting fascinating.
The Wheel of Time - I have many fond memories of reading through the original volumes even if lack of time means I have not read the series completely.
Ancillary Justice - An interesting society well described largely makes up for a protagonist whose goals self-confessedly make no sense.
No Award
Parasite - The Feed trilogy were compelling reads, but failed to have meaningful climaxes or to properly explore the questions they had raised. The initial reviews of Parasite make me suspect the same is true here; I have therefore not bought myself a copy.
Warbound - I failed to get into part one of the series, and likewise failed to get into part three.

Equoid - Engaging exploration of a Lovecraftian beastie. Unlike the other nominees, I have interest in rereading this novella, so it takes top place.
The Butcher of Khardov - Surprisingly well crafted tie-in fiction.
No Award
The Chaplain's Legacy - A predictable plot and pedestrian writing mar some interesting world building.
Six-Gun Snow White - I'm sure that there's something that the author wanted to say with this novel, but I didn't understand what it was.
Wakulla Springs - This was a beautifully written but the fact that the fantasy elements could be excised without anyone noticing means that I do not think it is suitable to win a Hugo.
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