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Well, that was a pretty good weekend on the whole. Friday with the Matthews (and D who was packing) was fun as ever - got a couple of good random improvements for the current games, and got to introduce MHF to Zertz and Scarab Lord, the latter of which I was utterly hopeless at. I'm not sure if I think it's a good game - or more exactly, I currently think it's a bad game and am hoping that someone will come along and explain to me why it's good, because I'm sure it should be better than it actually is. As it were.

Saturday morning saw an attempt at game D, which was pretty good (and I'm not just saying that because I won ;) The changes in the middle really tightened the game up there, so it was a lot less about blocking off the edges as it was before. The cards need to be redistributed, though. Ah, well - that's something I'll have to do for next time.

The end of the game happily coincided with G and C turning up, and kidnapping both of them to prepare for the RSC performance. I oodled about town in the mean time, looking at bikes and getting some breakfast/lunch in the form of a burger, and several multipacks of Wheat Crunchies (which were at 2 for 1 (even if I subsequently lost the second packet, rendering the exercise useless)). RSC was great fun, so competently telling the story than I feel no urge to read the book. Well, maybe not competetently, but with great gusto, and great big inflatable hammers...

After this, I went with others via the Mill and the Castle to the Impropriety housewarming. By this time, my enthusiasm for socialisation was at a low ebb, so I floated about, eavesdropping and taking limited roles in random conversations until oneish, when Mark, with whom I had arranged a loan of spare bedroom decided it would be sensible to head back.

Sunday morning, I retrieved my rucksack from the Matthews, worked out script for a punt chase, that I must be filmed at some point. [I believe it must be filmed this year. MHF believes that next year would do as well. He has the camera, so I suspect he'll win out ;)] and then headed back to Windsor. Via a bike shop in London, which has given my a lovely new bike. Shame about my bank balance and the amount of space I have to store it in my house (although I'm planning to rent a new one in any case). But it's nice and shiny, and just in time to join the training on Tuesday. Yay!
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