Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Whispers of my muse

Roman emperors, so it is said, had slaves whose job it was to ride behind them in parades, whispering 'you too are mortal'. After lots of recent good news on the games front, I've had an playtest experience along those lines. 'The King Is Dead' had been substantially reworked, and I'd been looking forward all day to wowing people with its significant improvements. Instead, every single one of my alterations proved to make the game variously flatter, more complicated, less likely to terminate and with less skill. Can we say 'oops'?

It's kind of nice to have such experiences from time to time. It highlights just how well the playtests normally end up going, and has given me useful data about how 'The King Is Dead' should be developed next, even if said data is 'anything but the current form'. As a result, I left Swiggers happy, and even the realisation that I'd left my laptop at work and had to go back to the office on the way home to receive it has failed to dent my spirits.
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