Angoel (angoel) wrote,

I'm back from a magnificent time at the games fair in Essen. I had two games released there - Keyflower from R&D Games and We Will Wok You from Pegasus - and both were well received. (Keyflower especially so - in the Fairplay list, showing rankings of new games based on people's votes, Keyflower spent much of the show jostling for first place.) The game Snowdonia, released by my friends in Surprised Stare Games, also seems to have gone down very well.

On the unpublished side, things were also good, with a number of useful meetings with publishers, a number of prototypes given to interested parties and a number of further games ideas had (although when I'll have time to implement them is as yet unclear).

Great though Essen was, I must admit to relief that it's all over. The last few months have not been easy - eeking out moments to revise rules, prepare prototypes and plan meetings - usually when should have been asleep. And Essen itself, although great fun, relied principally by a mixture of nerves and adrenaline to keep me upright. It's been magnificent. But I'm also looking forwards to the routine of normal life.
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