Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Well, that was a variedly useless weekend. Saturday I spent sitting around not achieving much except for finishing the awe inspiring (if you missed the mini review) book Ash. Complete write off.

Sunday, I went to south London to play games with some friends. That was pretty good. We started off with Big City, which I hadn't played before and ended up winning. Then went on to Master Labyrinth, which I hadn't played before either, and also won. Fate then turned upon me and I only came third in Reibach and Co., and a surprising second in History of the World (having trailed everyone for most of the game. Finally, fate positively scowled on my attempts to try a new strategy in Breaking Away, with me coming last by a considerable margin. Still, all good fun.

Problems started on coming home. The journey started off well, with me just managing to catch the train I needed for my connection. I then got sufficiently engrossed in my book that I missed my change at Clapham Junction and headed on to Victoria. I headed back, to find that I'd not only missed the connection, but the last train home. So I got on a train that took me part of the way, took a rail replacement bus for another part of the way, and then finally arrived home late at night via a somewhat expensive taxi. Not recommended.

This left me somewhat on the sleepy side for Monday, which was on the whole a useless day. Valuation teams were put up - I've been pushed of the B and RL teams, but left on the RB and C teams (plus being added to the D and one other team). While I'm glad about the C team (partly because I feel sorry for anyone else trying to get to grips with some of the data handling), I feel somewhat irritated by the B and RL teams. Spent a certain amount of time handling routine individual calcs and project Z, but a reasonable amount of time just wishing I was more awake.

Tuesday was completely dominated by project Z, as I tried to get to the bottom of why the two methods used to mutually check each other were giving different results. Got rid of the gross errors, leaving a certain percentage which I believe is systematic due to method inconsistency. Currently investigating that and the outliers. I've a feeling that this will be dogging my steps for some time to come ;) Thank goodness that I have a study day tomorrow to recharge my batteries, though.
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