Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Work is busy. Life is busy. I seem to be stuck with a semi-permanent shortage of time. I'm slowly getting irritated with the constant need to sprint to keep up with what I feel the need to get done. Yes, I know that I could resolve this by redefining the things that I need to get done. But the things I want to get done are fun and exciting and useful. Well, not necessarily all of those, but usually some combination. Maybe I'll just get used to sprinting instead.

Matters are not helped by the current constraint on space in my abode. The solution to this, as many people have pointed out, is simple - get a better abode. I somehow get the feeling that this is not going to increase my free time.

If we're completely honest about it, spending time writing this post isn't going to help with my free time either. (I was tempted to use the phrase 'crafting this post', but I'm blatantly failing to put sufficient effort in to claim that it is in any way crafted.) Ah, the joys of procrastination.

Enough of procrastination. Onwards!
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