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Wibble of the Week

Random talking on IRC last night has inspired me to post a dissection of my week so far. It's been kinda so-so.

Monday afternoon I took off from work early to visit London - in particular that part of London hosting a SIAS talk about Genetics and Insurance. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood, but I didn't find it as interesting as previous talks I've been to there. Probably because noone really seemed to have any ideas about what direction the use of genetic tests before insurance is granted should go - only about directions in which it shouldn't go. That is, it all seemed pretty negative to me.

Tuesday was a study day, in which I didn't study much at all. Instead I sorted random papers (catalogues, receipts, etc) into various boxes in the morning, and went for a games design session in the afternoon / evening. We started discussions on T, and then we started talking and playing L and everything spiralled out of control for a bit. It's coming along nicely, though, which is nice. W seems a bit stalled at the moment, which is a pity; and we only had a few moments to discuss it before more playtesters arrived, and we played the final test of I and then went back to playing L.

Wednesday had performance planning at work, for which I had a new planner. It seemed to work out all right, and I think that I'll be able to meet sufficient goals to get her to tick the right boxes come the review session in December. Plus, Amanda called me into her office to inform me that I had received a pay rise and a bonus. Which was nice. Didn't get much work done, though. Evening, went off to Swiggers, where I won two games and came second once. Go me ;)

Thursday, work, football, home. That's pretty much all that can be said for it. Achievements nil.

Friday, pretty similar, but minus the football. Spent the entire day messing about on project Z. Can I get the software to produce any numbers, let alone the right ones? Can I heck. Plus all the valuations are still being divied out, so I haven't a clue where I stand with regards to the work I'm doing over the next few months. Plus I'm slowly getting concious of the exams looming in the distance. Not enough to worry about them, but the air feels a little heavy...

Which brings me to this evening. I have no plans to do anything, and so far I seem to have succeeded admirably at doing that. I really need to get some goal into my life again, beyond finally getting round to vacuuming the floor, which seems to lack the greatness to truely get me inspired to complete it.
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