Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Not dead yet, just relatively busy; over the last weeks it feels as if I've been trying to keep one more ball in the air than I can reliably juggle. I'll be hugely relieved when I can put the unwieldy moving house ball down and can cease having it's erratic movements pulling me in all directions, and while the busy weekend balls are glittering with exciting distraction, an empty weekend in which I can catch breath will also be most welcome. But in the mean time, nothing seems to have fallen and broken just yet, so I'm going to keep on juggling.

Whilst on the subject of busy weekends, this last weekend was notionally, rather than actually busy; very much a recuperative affair. The Veitzla was it's usual fun self, with the 'feat of strength' challenge producing a somewhat more physical response than the typical array of half poetry, and the aftermath happily devolving into games playing. The Summerthing was likewise good, with ideal punting weather taking the place of the forecast scattered showers. Playtesting on Friday and Saturday led to the usual mix of the good (Pirate and Bunte Gegend), the bad (Bazaar, annoyingly after I'd spent far to much time creating the pieces, damnit) and the ugly (Create a Card Game, while it's usually fun self is still amusingly weird). Then heading home for a Sunday cycle ride with pub lunch. All pleasantly recuperating. Even if I didn't do as much moving house today as I wanted to get done. Tomorrow, I suppose, is a proverbial nother day.
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