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As previously posted, I'll be holding a board games[1] day on Saturday 15th May. In departure from previous such days, however, I will be holding at my girlfriend's[2] house in Slough. Directions, as always, are available on request, and are probably a bit more necessary than previously unless you've been audaciously stalking me.

(I don't think I'll theme this one; the games available will, in any case, depend largely on what I've been able to bring over prior to that point.)

The event is from middayish to late, although you're welcome to arrive earlier or stay later if you give me some advanced warning[3] . Indeed, RSVPs in general are encouraged so I know whom to expect for catering purposes.

The number of people turning up has been on the low side for the last couple of events, which suggests to me either (a) that everyone hates me secretly, or that (b) I've been holding them a bit too frequently. As a result, and because my weekends seem to be pretty busy for the next few months, the next games day will be a bit later than usual on the 24th July. The one afterwards will probably be on the 18th September. Be there, or be elsewhere :)

[1] Such as Settlers, Carcassonne, Age of Steam, etc. If you don't possess many or indeed any such games, don't worry as I have a sizeable collection. Enough that I make up silly themes to guide choices, although people wishing to ignore the theme entirely are welcome to do so.
[2] You didn't know I had a girlfriend? Well, it came as a bit of a surprise to me, too. She's called Caroline and is very nice.
[3] You'll still be welcome without advanced notice, but you may find me a mite less prepared.
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