Angoel (angoel) wrote,

The PDA seems to have died a death - at least Palm, the maker of mine for the last N generations seems to think so. Long live the new generation of smartphones, cunningly taking all the PDA functionality, but adding the ability to call people and connect to the interweb.

All well and good, but this leaves me in a bit of a muddle about which one to buy. Is particular, I don't like the habit of all these things attempting to constantly synchronise their data with the cloud, rather than being tethered conveniently to my computer where I can indoctrinate them into acting how *I* want them to act. They might learn bad habits, or something. *humph*

Currently vassilating between the iPhone 3GS, the Nexus One and procrastinating for another couple of months. My hope that writing these thoughts out would clear my mind and make it obvious what I should be going for has sadly not worked out, though. I think I should stick my contemplation back into my subconsciousness where it belongs. Or just choose one of them arbitrarily. Don't know :(
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