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When travelling abroad, the bit which I find most frustrating is waiting for the bus home from the airport. Having experienced the regimented efficiency of the train system abroad, and flown across the world (well, the channel) on silver wings, the wait for Schrödinger's bus is a highly irritating let-down.

Which is to say I'm safely back from Essen, with a small ton of games[1], distributed my prototypes to interested recipients[2], a somewhat higher sleep deficit than what I went out with and have generally hand a pretty good time.

I didn't find many spooky games for my games day, admittedly. I'm inclined to ditch the spooky theme and change it to 'things from Essen I want to bounce about'. It'll probably end up being the latter anyway ;)

Now all I need to do is to get my house into order with all the new stuff I've *ahem* discovered at Spiel. *bounce*.

[1] Over 20kgs, although this was probably skewed by the box of poker chips
[2] Or at least recipients who did a reasonable job of looking interested
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