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Board Games Day - Sat 5th September - Games with Expansions

As previously announced, my next board games day will be on Saturday 5th September, and the notional theme I've picked for it is Games With Expansions. Because they must be better than games without expansions, right? ;)

The event is from midday to late, in my house in Windsor[2]. You're welcome to arrive earlier or stay later if you give me some advanced warning[3] (particularly as staying later involves provision of crash-space). Indeed, RSVPs in general are encouraged so I know whom to expect for catering purposes.

For those of you who plan further in advance, and so are unable to make this because of clashes, the next games event will be on the 31st October (probably with a suitably spooky theme). Put it your diary now ;).

[1] Such as Settlers, Carcassonne, Age of Steam, etc. If you don't possess many or indeed any such games, don't worry as I have a sizeable collection. Enough that I make up silly themes to guide choices, although people wishing to ignore the theme entirely are welcome to do so.
[2] Directions to my house available on request. Or, if you're feeling shy, in previous posts. Directions to Windsor available on any good UK map.
[3] You'll still be welcome without advanced notice, but you may find me a mite less prepared.
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