Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Have had nice weekend. The board games thing was sparsely attended[1], but the three people who attended were sufficiently high quality that that didn't seem to matter. Admittedly, the fact that they were some of my alpha testers meant that the American theme devolved into prototyping on more than one occasion, but was none the worse for that.

(Sophie was an additional guest for parts of the day, and helped prepare by baking a cake and arranging the vegetables. She was another reason why the American theme was dropped on occasion - while I have American games, and games that are suitable for three and a half years olds, the selection doesn't overlap hugely. She already seems to have picked up on the concept of picking on 'dillo when playing - I'm not sure whether to blame her daddy (who uses it as a strategy, though denies having taught her) or be impressed at her astuteness. It usually takes people much longer to catch on to this.)

Am currently feeling rather apathetic and tired. And procrastinating about tidying up properly. Not least because the recent acquisition of a couple of games means that, once again, my games collection exceeds my shelf space. I need more shelves and a bigger flat. Evidently.

[1] People surprisingly being busy doing other stuff during the balmy summer months. Or possibly just being too hot to move.
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