Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Veg box update

I've come to a conclusion about Veg-boxes[1]; namely, that at this time and place they're not for me. I'm happy with the variety, I'm happy with the quality (albeit slightly muddy),I'm happy with the challenge of working out how to cook with what is provided. What kills the matter for me is the sheer quantity - a box takes over the fridge, and then lurks there menacingly. I'm forced to cook huge quantities to get items when they're some semblance of fresh, and then consume the same meal over the course of days. This is particularly problematic when my experimental style of cooking fails to work ;).

Ultimately, the way veg-boxes are set up is for more than one person. So for the time being, I'll stick to the supermarkets which seem to be happier selling me the quantity of stuff that I do want.

[1] Getting boxes of vegetables delivered to you directly.
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