Angoel (angoel) wrote,

I got the monetary reward for my April exam passes today - a pay rise of £1,500. I also spent a good £300 of it by visiting the opticians and getting new glasses to replace my current broken pair, and then visiting the dentist for good measure. Now I realise why I've been putting both off for so long. They both want me to visit again relatively soon. At these prices, I can understand why but I'm not all that sure I agree.

We played football today, as is usual on a Thursday. It felt kind of letharic, compared to the adrenaline filled matches last Saturday - people casually jogging about after the ball. Maybe it's because of our injuries or something - certainly, I felt all the exhaustion bubbling up during the match. That be as it may, during the course of this match, I scored five goals. This I am frankly shocked about. Maybe I am improving at football.

I don't seem to be doing well with this resolution. I end up not being bothered for several days, and then having a load of posts at once, which I'm sure people don't really want to read. Lets see if I can be better across the next few days.
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