Angoel (angoel) wrote,


There was a standoff between one of the tennants of my block of flats and the local kids on Wednesday. It was kind of wierd. He was standing outside repeatedly demanding 'Get off my property' and the kids were jeering and attempting to reason with him in a strange sort of mixture. Eventually the kids got bored of having someone shouting at them and left. I'm not sure what to think. Personally, I don't really mind them playing. However, they're cheeky little buggers (I'm sure I didn't know the words they do at their age), and if I had to worry about them causing damage to the building (which I don't because this is rented), I could quite understand the desire to get them out of there. But most of all, I don't really want to get into some one-up-manship race with them, because they seem to have a lot more free time and energy to get one-up than I do.

So I remain sitting on the fence. It makes me feel kind of pathetic.
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