Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Thinking Aloud[1] - Blaming Bankers

The blame culture we have today[2] seems to have settled on a culprit - all of societies ills are to be found in the personification of the Banker. A greedy, immoral pig who has munched his way through our money lining his trough. An easy figure to hate, a symbol of all that is wrong with the way of life we enjoy.

But in the clamour of voices, a niggling thought refuses to lie quiet, namely - where did all the money go. The billions we've lost in toxic securities haven't got to the bankers - fat cats as may be. They may have skimmed a bit off the top in the form of commissions, but that's a bucket in the ocean.

The money that's now in toxic securities was in the form of mortgages. It went to ordinary people, who used it to buy houses. Ultimately it went to those who sold houses and didn't spend their money on buying more. The ones who got out at the top of the market, who didn't believe the yay-sayers telling them house prices would rise forever.

These are the people who have the missing millions. The grandparents who decided to sell their houses to pay for their retirement. The people who decided they moved too often to make a house worth worrying about and decided to rent. The couple who split up and sold the house which neither of them could afford any more. These are the people who should pay.

Bankers are a much easier target, though.

[1] Musings which are not fully formed and thus probably not correct - but which I'm inflicting on the world incomplete anyway. Feel free to attempt to realign my thoughts.
[2] Or don't have - I'm not convinced this isn't one of those enduring tropes like the young losing their respect for elders
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