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Work Talk

As part of my study package, work pays for making for a set of exercises. In the run up to this set of exams I have been even worse than last times session at getting them in on time (mainly because this study session is shorter so the deadlines are closer together). With the guilt of missing the deadlines hanging over me, last Sunday found me in a hotel room in Birmingham, working at the 104 X3 paper.

Having completed it, I proceeded to forget about it until Monday in work, when I went to the post room to send it off. There Garath told me that he'd send it off at the end of the day. When I experessed concern that it would get there on time (I was attempting to ensure that he'd send it first class), he stuck one of the post offices Registered Post stickers on it.

This entry is trying to explain the feeling of unease I got when this happened. I know that logically it makes sense - ensuring that my answers (such as they are) get to Acted by the marking deadline at a cost of only a pound or so extra is a clear win for the company. Its just that I've never used that service unless there was something sufficiently valuable that I didn't want to loose in there - using the £1000 pound insurance or whatever - and my answers certainly don't fall under that category. It's the same feeling of unease that I get when I realise how highly the company seems to rate my time. Its just weird in general noticing how differently I and the company see value and I have a nasty feeling that its my way of seeing value is 'wrong' and not the companies.
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