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If anyone's wandering about why I've suddenly decided to start posting here in such volume, it is because of a resolution I made.

Resolutions? But they only happen at new years, don't they?

Actually, in my case they don't even happen then - the only resolution of any significance I've made was the year before last when I created Pete the Carnivorous Plant last year. A years worth of comic strips ... a complete waste of time ... a chance to let my creativity run free ... something different.

Since leaving university, this something different has been growing in importance. It's depressing how easily you can get sucked into a routine and not change it. Resolutions help stop this - they're a way of attempting to force yourself to do something new, interesting or useful (pick two ;). The main problem is that by having them all start at the same time, they're such a shock to the system that most people give them up immediately. Wouldn't it be more sensible if you started them spread out - say one at the beginning of each month, lasting a year. Each month, you drop one of your resolutions and start another one.

So this month, I have resolved to make one new post for every day. I broke it immediately, because of going away on this football tournament. This set of posts is my attempt to catch up again.
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