Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Antiques Antics

Having covered one of my games in detail, I felt it would be unfair not to give an update for the other one. Here the news is not promising, for the game is practically dead. The trouble remains that the mechanics are too complex for the 'roll the dice and move the dobber' level of strategy you get out of it.

I had hopes that redesigning to give a modular board would somehow alleviate the problems with lack of interaction and excess of randomness. What actually happened was that the modular board made the randomness problem even worse (because I couldn't tweak the layout) and the lack of interaction more obvious (because the players no longer start out sufficiently close together).

I suppose I'll just have to try to take the central mechanic (the exhaustion point system) and see if I can design a different game around that. Antiques Antics was the first attempt at such a game, but there must be many more games out there waiting to be shaped around it...

If only I could find them.
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