Angoel (angoel) wrote,

A Civil Campaign - Character line analysis

There are three main plotlines in the book - the Miles (22%) / Ekatrin (14%) relationship, the Mark (9%) / Kareen (6%) / Enrique (3%) relationship, and the Ivan (8%) / Dono (4%) / By (4%) developments. Unsurprisingly, these eight parts have about two thirds have the majority of the lines between them. Mainly due to Miles and Ekatrin, although Mark, Ivan and Kareen all have above average line count (assuming a cast off about 15, which feels rightish).

The remaining third of the lines are split between 20 odd characters (40 if you count the one-line spear carriers, but I'm ignoring those), with percentages varying from 1% to 3%. A lot of them, convienently, turn up for a sizable scene and then disappear, which makes for fewer casting problems, or hang around in specific groups - ditto.

Not sure what this analysis has actually told me, admittedly. Mainly that the main characters have a greater proportion of lines than I'd hoped, but fewer than I'd feared. Which is comforting in it's own way.
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