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For those of you interested in its development, Flamewar works as a two player game. This development was pretty unexpected, because I'd only really been interested in the multi-player aspect of it. The adaption though is very simple - just have one fewer thread going at a time. Why didn't I think of it sooner? Of course, the real question is, will my plans to get it to work with five players be successful - and when can I test it. Working out how to get five willing people together is sadly non-trivial.

Other developments are that followups to trolls are now possible but don't score points and conversely don't feed the troll cards only score points following up to trolls. This tends to give more tactical options, and so is good ;). The Godwins law card, on the other hand, has been dropped. I've never seen a situation in which I've felt it would be playable, and the rule just doesn't sit comfortably. Besides, dropping the number of flames seems to have made it redundant. I'll replace it with a good post card instead.

I'm also considering the idea of naming all the cards. I'm currently putting it off, though, because if it goes wrong, which it very well might, I'll have to recreate the whole lot from scratch. And wouldn't that be fun. All said though, the game seems to be nearing the mythical 'completed' stage. All I need now is to see if it passes the popularity test, where someone requests playing it without my prior prompting.
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