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My team managed to get to the final of the Mercer 5-a-side football match. Not the real finals, you understand, nor the wooden spoon finals, but the finals for the people in the middle. Getting this far was quite a shock - after the first three games (which we lost 3-nil, 1-nil and 5-nil respectivly), I wouldn't have been shocked if we'd gone home without scoring a single goal, let alone a win.

The problem was, in a nutshell, that we weren't much good. In an attempt to score glory, the Windsor office had split into a good and a bad team, and with my footballing skills, it was not too surprising which team muggins was in. The team which was left contained all the so-so players - those who tended to hang around defending and setting up goals for other people. With the predictable concequence that none of us (with the possible exception of Ben and Chen) stood a chance of scoring a goal even if we could create the oppotunity.

The rules, in an attempt to get a more balanced mix of the sexes, stated that goals scored by girls scored double, that each team must have a girl, and that extra girls gave that team a two goal advantage. Since there were two in our team, we switched to the (in retrospect) obvious strategy of getting said lead, and playing defensively until the ten minute games were up. Suddenly our luck turned round and we actually started winning games. All until the last match where we were comprehensively outplayed. Oh, well.
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