Angoel (angoel) wrote,

With the exception of the meetings planned for Saturday, a very lethargic weekend has taken place (and even those weren't exactly busy). About the sum total of success otherwise is that my room is now tidy (give or take the morgage and house buying stuff, and the games stuff, neither of which I've got a system for next), and the fact that I've finally got somewhere with my 107 notes. I'll see if I can get them finished on Monday or Tuesday evening, which will leave the trip to London on Wednesday to get my 104 reread in time for the Friday tutorial.

On the games front, things have pretty much stalled. Flamewar is go, as far as I can tell (based on a couple of tests with my parents), but needs playtesting with other people, and I'm not sure where to find the vic..lunteers. Antiques Antics is going through a change of theme and a large change of board, but I don't currently have enough courage in the new direction to make it and see how it works, so I'm just sitting waiting for either more inspiration or more enthusiasm. Mission to Mars is similarly stalled while I allow ideas for resource creation and indeed the general turn dynamics to ferment. And the other games are too sketchy even to mention here, so I haven't, right. ;)

I suppose my main trouble is Flamewar. I'm worried that my beliefs in it may be misplaced, as they were with the current Antiques Antics. At the same time I feel relatively confidents that they are not. And the indecision is eating away at me, espectially since I don't know when the problem will be resolved. And until it does, there will be a bit of my mind thinking away about it, wandering how to improve the game.

But I'll survive, and I have something to keep my mind occupied, and that's the main thing.
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