Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Nice games thing. But sleepy now.

I was asked to list the games played, so in approximately chronological order

OtU - The Card Game' - Prototype which felt nice to play but had no interesting decisions.
The Island - Board game about exploring and rescuing an talking island.
Set - Pattern matching crazyness
Mississippi Queen - Classic riverboat driving game
Pirate - Sail to people with treasure and roll dice at them until they give it to you
Lost Valley - There's gold in them there (diamond shaped) hills
Tonga Bonga - Visit the islands around the titular Tonga Bonga
Tamsk - Two player sand-timer driven abstract
Top Banana - Prototypical monkey business
OtU - New York - Much improved OtU map
Beowulf - The Movie - Recreating the film by putting pieces into lines
Rally Car - Racing cars round the Celtic knot track
Agatha - Detectival rummyesque prototype

Thank you to everyone who made it and helped make it a success (and to those who were unable to make it I hope that your absence was helpful in allowing you to catch up with health, life, etc.)
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