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In no particular order...

I recieved my revision notes for 103, 104 and 107 yesterday, and spent this evening sorting them into folders (which I did last time, and it seemed to work), stapling bits together (which hopefully will stop the sprawl of paper if and when I start doing questions) and putting in file deviders (which will hopefully enable me to find the papers in the first place). I have mixed feelings about them. It just seems a little soon after the end of the last exams to even be thinking about the next lot. Before I get the results even, not that that's too surprising given the eight week (ten for later exams). That said, it might just be the course I went on on Tuesday and Wednesday making me feel a bit droozy. Or the lack of sleep, which I sure I'm doing wonders for staying up and typing this entry.

I'm not sure how I feel about the crash that happened today. It was the Cambridge Cruiser, the train that I usually take when I go to Cambridge. There but for the grace of god, etc. The train's still safer than the roads, admittedly, but at least there it's up close and personal. I don't know of anybody I know being on the train, so fingers crossed - not that that helps those that were less fortunate, I suppose.

My room remains in a god-awful state. I suspect that I'll get sufficient energy to tidy it up tomorrow, and to do the washing on Sunday, before I return to the rat race. On the other hand, I'm planning on restarting study days next week, which will break it up a little, and may result in next weekend actually having something useful done in it. I also vaguely plan to do the initial Librarian updates to allow multiline editing (i.e. enable it in the current interface and fix what breaks) in prepartion to the planned move to full address book style editing.

My birthday passed pretty much unnoticed, give or take a couple of cards and L. apologising for being too absorbed by her current addiction to arrange anything. My birthday itself was just an ordinary day, except for my thoughts about how short a distance I'd moved since my last birthday. I got myself a gameboy by way of retail therapy, and spent the evening messing about with the games. My trip to Cambridge last weekend was also overshadowed by this, and the fact that I hadn't prearranged where I was staying and who I was seeing sufficiently well, with the result that ended up irritating people turning up unannounced, which was another damper.

Well, that's enough for now. Be seeing you anon.
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